When the Government decided to cut its funding to support Mission Australia’s Connections Program – a social program aimed to reduce loneliness that serves to connect people in rural communities with programs that promotes social inclusion, social skills and community participation – The Ivany Foundation, which recognised the importance of shoring up the program stepped in and fully funded it for the long-term.

The Connections Program was recently awarded “The Outstanding Achievement in Mental Health Promotion” award by the Mental Health Association of NSW.

The Ivany Foundation has been an early and ongoing supporter of the Bushfire Appeal providing a financial donations directly to the communities most affected by the ongoing fires and also providing support to help the endangered wildlife through its donation to The Sydney Zoo Foundation.

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Mission Australia’s Connections Program Service Report

Peter has recently joined the Board of the Sydney Zoo Foundation.

The Sydney Zoo Foundation has been established alongside Sydney Zoo to provide opportunities for community engagement and involvement in animal and environmental conservation. 

The Sydney Zoo Foundation will secure financial support in order to contribute to the support of animal conservation, education and research. 

The Foundation also aims to enable education programs that will positively impact preservation and conservation practices to benefit generations to come.

The Sydney Zoo Foundation is committed to:

  • Supporting long-term conservation and recovery programs that aim to save endangered species.
  • Contributing to the protection of the local environment and removal of invasive species.
  • Restoring the balance between nature and urban development.
  • Providing grants for animal research projects conducted by Western Sydney University.
  • Creating partnerships with conservation experts and organisations in the Greater Western Sydney Area to protect wildlife.
  • Raising awareness of the value of protecting animals and the environment within communities through education programs.
  • Inspiring community action through building connections between wildlife and people.
  • Supporting cultural awareness through Indigenous education programs.